Mandy K.

Master Aesthetician • Owner

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I wanted to share my story or rather the beginning of my life’s passion that is coming to fruition today.  The most profound words to describe my greatest goal is that I truly love making people happy!  I was born with the gift to make others smile and it has been my number one inherent trait throughout my life that I have and will continue to be proud of.  My heart “smiles” when I can see that I have helped another do the same because of how I have touched another through my actions or words of encouragement.  I know this is my gift in life and it’s really simple, I know I want to make a smile my signature accessory by giving this to others!  ‘Repeat of the above.  I love to make others happy.  

I uncovered this talent quite early as a little girl growing up in a very loving and caring family.  Compassion and sincerity came instinctively natural that resulted in caring for others from my heart.  This discovery was truly amazing and profoundly an integral part of who I am today.   When I was about 13, I started to get clogged pores, nothing too bad but as time passed into my next crucial teen years, my skin problems worsened.  By age 15, I had severe acne. My parents took me to several Dermatologists that gave me many topical and oral medications.  Everything seemed to make my skin dry, red and aggravated. By the time I was in high school and was about to turn 17 and I was very self conscious about my skin, spending a lot of time trying to cover it up (only making it worse of course!). Well, one day my Algebra teacher and I were talking about skin care, she referred me to an Aesthetician (I didn't even know what that word meant at the time; let alone how to pronounce it!)  Google was not an option back then by the way!!  I shared this information with my mom and she called and made an appointment. I will never-ever forget the day I met the person whom had the strange title "aesthetician". I met someone like me, a woman who had such passion for wanting to help me. Fast forward several months, and many, many facials later... my skin was clearing up! She taught me how to care for my skin properly, what products to use that would be gentle but effective on my skin and the rest is history. I wanted to make people feel the way I felt when I was cared for and shown how to achieve the results I was searching for. All the passion I have inside me can be shown and shared with others and I made my decision to get into the Skincare World!  And now I’ve been blessed to be doing what I love for 10 years now!  In my journey, I have come to cherish and adore all my clients/friends and look forward to helping to make a difference for many others along the way.  Life truly is greater when shared!