Juvashape- Full Body Skin Tightening 

Cellulite: the most dreaded scourge to ever hit your thighs. Wrinkles and fine lines: every man and woman’s worst aging enemy. JuVaShape™: a proven technology powerful enough to tackle both problems, revealing a firmer, smoother and more youthful face and body.

Using radio frequency (RF) technology to deliver concentrated thermal energy to the targeted areas, JuVaShape™ can refresh, revitalize and renew your body and face. Best of all, the JuVaShape™ Radiofrequency (RF) device offers four proven skin-smoothing technologies in one system for impressive results with little to no downtime or discomfort.

Do you find yourself saying “YES!” to any of the following questions? If so, the JuVaShape™ RF system may be the perfect solution to help you improve the appearance of cellulite, fine lines and wrinkles as well as overall body contouring.

  • Are you interested in taking advantage of the latest and most advanced beauty technology to help improve the appearance of problem spots on your face or body?

  • Does cellulite get in the way of your confidence despite a healthy lifestyle, clean diet and commitment to overall wellness?

  • Are you interested in noninvasive treatments that fit into your busy schedule, requiring little to no downtime and minimal discomfort?

  • Do you want to soften the look of fine lines and wrinkles on your face, revealing your naturally radiant beauty?

  • Are you interested in preventative, anti-aging treatments?

JuVaShape™ Fast Facts

  • Liposuction and other more invasive body sculpting technologies are no match for cellulite, but JuVaShape™ uses powerful noninvasive radio frequency (RF) technology to target uneven texture and restore a smooth, youthful look.

  • JuVaShape™ gives our treatment staff precise control so they can use both bipolar and unipolar radio frequencies to create meticulously targeted friction and heating to create beautiful outcomes.

  • This system can be used on nearly any skin type at any time of year with absolutely no side effects or downtime required!

  • We often combine JuVaShape™ with CoolSculpting® to target cellulite and firm lax skin and eliminate excess fat all at the same time, delivering beautiful body contouring results.

  • JuVaShape™ can lessen the appearance of cellulite and even produce a skin tightening effect, but this technology is not designed to help you lose weight.

Does It Hurt?

In a word: No! JuVaShape™ treatments are completely painless. Our patients describe their sessions as relaxing, even feeling like a luxurious hot stone massage. There are no incisions or needles required, so there is virtually no downtime with JuVaShape™. You can go about your day following treatment with no one guessing you’ve paid a visit to the skin tightening specialists at Secret Beauty Lounge.

How Does It Work?

JuVaShape™ uses revolutionary radiofrequency technology to selectively disrupt the cell wall membranes in targeted fat cells. Once acoustic waves select and disrupt fat cells in the treated area, unipolar radio frequency accelerates your skin’s metabolism to help it destroy and expel the fat cells. This technique is also useful for targeting stretch marks and pesky cellulite.

JuVaShape™ combines collagen-stimulating power with selective breaking down of fibrous tissues for a smoothing, body sculpting effect. Healthy skin is not impacted, and these systems do not require invasive implements like scalpels, injections or post-surgical drains.

Once you’ve completed your custom-designed JuVaShape™ treatment plan, your body should naturally rid itself of excess fat cells and fibrous cellulite zones in the targeted areas of the face and body. You should notice a smoother, firmer, more lifted appearance thanks to the regrowth and strengthening of collagen. This system can improve facial contouring as well as fine lines and wrinkles and localized fatty deposits on the jowls, neck, chest, abdomen and upper arms. Cellulite on the thighs and other intimate areas can be markedly reduced. Though results are visible almost immediately after your first session, most of our patients see ideal, long-lasting results with 6 or more treatments.

Pricing depends on each and every body part, call today to see what specials we currently have and to schedule your complimentary consultation.