Jennifer B.

Licensed Massage Therapist

With Over 11 years of Experience-- I absolutely love my Job it’s not work it’s my purpose and my passion. My mission as a therapist is to act as a healing medium through massage therapy and stretching; to improve mobility, increase flexibility, increase circulation of blood and lymp and provide new prospective to enable clients to be more successful in all aspects of their lives providing a pathway to wellness in a professional, safe, quiet, and relaxing environment. Every massage is specifically customized for your individual needs; to strengthen you physically, mentally, and spiritually. My passion as a therapist is to help in activating your God-given, natural ability your body has to heal its self, so you may carry out your life’s mission and purpose in abundance and increase awareness of your body. One massage at a time; I give relief from stress, pain, grief, trauma, insomnia, and anxiety with time and healing hands. The power of touch is powerful and can keep both mind and body running smooth, or at the very least give you a brief moment of peace and quiet. I believe no one takes care you, better than you take care of you. In order to be at your very best serving and taking care of others; you first have to take care of you! Your body needs maintenance, like your car need maintenance. Take care of you and book an appointment today. I pride myself on serving others and being the best at what I do. I am honored to serve you and look forward to meeting you!

Jennifer Berry, LMT Lic #MA 60197