Diana H.

Licensed Aesthetician

I’m a 56 year old wife, mother and grandmother.  Moved to Florida in 1982. Worked in the Dental industry from 1989-1993. Became a business co-owner of Wicker-N-Things a family owned furniture store in Bradenton from 1995-2009. Worked as a Professional Organizer from 2009-2012, my major focus was working with hoarders. I started a cleaning business during this time as well. I then decided to go back to school at MTC in 2017 to receive my Esthetician license because of my love for healthy skin, and wanting to educate others about their skin and how to take care of it. I knew I would need a license to practice this wonderful art of skin care.  And because I believe in my heart health and beauty can be achieved at any age.

My achievements and qualifications include; community service in my household of faith, working as a life coach. Partnering with others for the wellbeing of our community, my efforts were in healing and deliverance ministry. I’m a self starter, business owner, networking with women for the encouragement and development of empowering women to be who they were designed to be. Volunteering in food and clothing efforts for the less fortunate, Church leader and professional organizer helping anyone with needs to become free to be who they are called to be!